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Yea the world is a changing, is every one into graffitti, a skateboarder and a artist

by Kevin Sampson on Monday, July 11, 2011 at 3:36pm
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Yea the world is a changing.
I remember the day when you became a artist after some thing called paying your dues. YOu worked your ass off at your craft and then some day you tried to get into a gallery or if you didnt you  just keep working because it was in your blood to make art.
 Being a artist was a life style.

Now every one i talk too is a graphic designer, a skateboarder (at least they carry a board under their arms), a graffitti artist,or photographer.what happened to paste up and mechanicals did i miss some thing.......
I can actually remember some thing called dark rooms, where you actually had to make a develop a photo and understand some thing about lighting and composition.
Now you can take 50 pictures of your own face at different angles, post it on my space or face book and tell the world that you are a  fashion mode.
Who cares if you are 5' 5', stubby and not too attractive.

Their isnt even any thing called ugly or pretty any are what you say you are and no one even challeges you, any more.
Every thing is getting lost in the translation., maybe i am just old.
I am 22 years old but  I am a artist, a curator,a poet and  a icon.................
Yes i miss the days when one had to work at his craft, pay some art dues and actually go out and have a face to face conversation, every once in a while.
It makes me think of Peter Homitzky, I worked with him at NSFIA years ago he is a  great artist, and a man of strong opinions.