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Photos of James (Jay) Wilson's Group Show at The Art Kitchen Gallery presents "FRUIT PUNCH" (90)

Photos of James (Jay) Wilson's Group Show at The Art Kitchen Gallery presents "FRUIT PUNCH" (90)

Photos of James (Jay) Wilson's Group Show at The Art Kitchen Gallery presents "FRUIT PUNCH"

by Kevin Sampson on Saturday, July 9, 2011 at 11:48pm

I actually got out of the house today to attend James (Jay) Wilson's Opening. I said it once and ill say it again, James is my adopted son and a true son of Newark.

The place the art kitchen is a lovely relaxing cafe with wonderful food and a friendly staff. Rebecca the curator did a wonderful Job.

James work, stunned me for a moment, his colors, his tech and the realness of what he is drawing. I mean this guy a Black Puerto Rican from Newark. But raised in a islamic home is like the united nations. He spends most of his life here, but frequently returns to the middle east to Visit his Mother (Maryam, who is a devout muslum, his two sisters and his step father. Anyway, this kid was truly one of the first skateboarders in Newark. Graduated Arts high school, then F.I.T. The went on to be a art handler, gallery personal at some of the best galleries in New York. Returning to Newark to become a acomplished Tattoo artist.

Anyway, we got to this lovely place early of course, their weren/t many people there.

Rebecca the curator is a lovely young woman with a inspired soul. And i got to see Jill and Matt and many more people as the place slowly filled with the art crowd.


So we had the place to ourselves for a while and it gave us all time to catch up. My daughter and son-in law rich, Angie (my other Daughter and Cesar, who has been around so long he is also a part of our extended family. As well as Jame/s Beautiful Girl Veronica, she is not only lovely but has been in his corner forever.

I got to drink that lovely italian water again, of course i cant think of its name,Pelican or some thing like that, hey I am black we always change every things


While we are at it you can see by my dress, that italy has profoundly changed me some how.

Ok Back to the Ranch

James work is stunning and real and hard and sad and all of the things that makes Newark.... Newark. People have a hard time understanding Newark, but when you look in James drawings, you can see beyond all that............ to its beauty.

Well it was a good day, i got to hang out with my family, in a cool place........with Food.....they had good food to boot.

Of course i am the oldest thing in the place, i feel like father time, where are all of the old age.

anyway...........Congrats to James.... truly one of the most talented and boy do i hate to use this word (authentic) young artist around. James is the real deal. I was so proud of one of my greatist student's

Check out the show and the place its at:

Art Kitchen Gallery presents "FRUIT PUNCH"

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Art Kitchen

972 Broad St.

Newark, NJ

Created By

Art Kitchen

More Info

“Fruit Punch”

an exhibition

Featuring the artwork of:

Raphael Bernardin (

Hannah Craft (


and Jay Wilson.

July 9th - August 26

Opening Reception:

Saturday, July 9th 6 - 9pm

Curated by Rebecca Jampol