The art of Kevin Blythe Sampson



A day in the life of Kevin

I came home from work, turned the key in the lock and broke it. Thank God, I live across the street from a Locksmith... I finally got back inside after more conversation and joking than I was up too.   Poured myself a cup of coffee, sat down and remembered, that I had forgotten to go to the store and Get the barbeque chips that I cant eat with out.  Of course the store was packed with a bunch of hateful middle aged Grandmothers. I finally got home again, I sat down and all of the power in my house proceeded to go out. I didn’t even look outside; I knew that this had to have taken out the whole block.

I lit my pipe and sat in the dark and quiet, saying thank you Jesus......When the power finally came back one hour later,
Yes I was still sitting in the dark...
I put on Billy Holiday because only she would get this. Day..........