The art of Kevin Blythe Sampson





Curated by Athena Barat
& Rebecca Jampol
Thursday, January 16th  –
Thursday, March 20th
Opening Reception:
Thursday, January 16th
6 pm – 9 pm
Exhibiting Artists: Willie Cole, Katherine Bernhardt, Shoplifter, Akintola Hanif, Shoshanna Weinberger, Raul de Nieves, Kevin Sampson, Richard Wislocky, Alexandria Despris, Mary Edna Fraser, Ayana Evans, Angelina Dreem, Andrew Barron, Ashli Sisk, Brendan Mohaney, Benjamin Phelan, Eric Drasin, Fernando Montiel Klint, Hannah Craft, Katya Grokhovsky, Jessica Bowman, Melvin Jones, Labanna Babalon, Luca Cusolito, Sid Art and Whitney Lea Sage.
Performances Opening Night by:
Colin Self and Chez Deep
Katya Grokhovsky
& Ayana Evans

“All that Glitters”, a group exhibition about abundance, luxury and decadence, flirtations with vulgarity, and the ache for exaltation.
About Guest Curator, Athena Barat:
Through her role as creative director of the Barat Foundation artist, curator and educator, Athena Barat, has reinvigorated public art in Newark New Jersey by producing the largest collaborative projects and events in the city’s history. Her projects bring a special blend of celebration, high art and craft; are often interactive and ask viewers to exercise their freedom. Ms. Barat has participated in residencies in France, Iceland, Belgium and Holland; is part of the international fashion collaborative Andrea Crews, writes music and performs, and is this year’s Garden State Woman of the Year in recognition of her work with Newark’s youth.
About The Gateway Project:
Located in the heart of Newark’s Gateway Center, crossroad of over 30,000 people daily, the Gateway Project is a series of pop up art exhibitions adjacent to Newark Pennsylvania Station.
The series is made possible by art organizations Solo(s) Project House in Newark, New Jersey. Gateway II owner, C&K Properties is sponsoring and hosting the events.
 Above image:
“May U Alwayz Align Urself w/ Abundance”
by Jessica Bowman