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Can I dish Lets start with Poor Herman Cain

Can I dish
Lets start with Poor Herman Cain, He is a dupe, they find these African Americans who have spent most of their lives in alternate universes, prop them up with a fake love and send them out in the fields. Herman Cain is a story old as time or I should say America. He is a misguided man, who probably believes only half of what he says, but is so caught up in the fake ass adulation, that he is willing to sell out his own. He is sad, did he do it, did he harass these woman, Great men have great ego;s and he is a great man or was. It doesn’t matter if he did it, he is a black man accused of harassing white woman, they will drop him like a hot potato. Herman says that it was the left wing that got him………Fool it was a setup from the beginning, don’t you know that the powers that be knew about these incidents. They had this the whole time as a fail safe against you getting too far. No one ever thought that you could win, they needed a foil to Obama, another brother to attack. Ok you have served your purpose……….go home Herman.
Occupy wall street is pretty cool, It aimlessness is supplemented by the most important thing about this movement. This is where new leaders are  being formed as we speak, its not what these kids are doing now, its what they will do later. I am waiting much like the tea party did with Sarah Palin for a messea, a bobby kennedy, some one new and fresh …..
And please African American stay away, the only way this can be won is by the white kids alone. African American leaders, old negroes please stay away, you have nothing more to teach.
You need to get back to your own communitys and do some thing, let the white boys handle this.

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