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Newark you have got to love it.....See no evil, hear no Evil Speak no Evil

See no evil, hear no Evil Speak no Evil

You know you are from Newark…………..When
Well I live in ironbound and there are many times when it gets on my nerves and makes me just want to scream. I mean I am the only black person here, but over time I have become a part of this place, accepted as one.
Anyway, my daughter and son in law just dropped me off the biggest juiciest tomatoes I have seen in years so I am happy as a peach.
I went worked on some stuff then, went outside to enjoy the night.
 I love it when people go home and I can have my street back for a minutes.
Anyway, I was standing in my doorway drinking coffee and smoking one of my nasty Cheyenne cigars. When this guy walked up on me kind of quickly. My spider instincts went crazy and I slowly reached behind me for a long handled axe that I keep by my front door. Just in case I need to chop some wood for a art project.
Anyway just as I get it in my hand, six guys of Portuguese and Hispanic guys, come running past me, chasing the guy that had just passed by my door. Right before my eyes, they started chasing him as others ran up yelling… get him.
To make a long story short, I got my chair out and sat there sipping coffee and watching. I wouldn’t let things go to far, but they did smack this guy around, knocked him to the ground and yelled things at him in at least three different languages..…………..
What ever
They then retrieved the three cell phones that he had snatched up from the restaurant around the corner.
The guys started walking off, I knew some of them from the neighborhood, they gave me a nod and left as I watched the theft limp away……
I returned to playing with the hay that I had been braiding into some thing for a new piece. And continued to drink my coffee and smoke my nasty Lucy…
People are sick and tired of being sick and tired and are starting to fight back
Who am I to stand in their way………God this coffee is good