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McQueen Show Outstrips Jeff Koons Record at Met, Banksy Finally Weighs in on Phone Hacking Scandal, and More Must-Read Art News -

Courtesy of the Metroplitan Museum of Art
The record-breaking crowd gathers for McQueen's "Savage Beauty" at the MET


Published: August 8, 2011
In Final Hours, McQueen Bests Jeff Koons: Around 10 p.m. last night, the monster "Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty" exhibition welcomed its 658,000th visitor, beating attendance for Jeff Koons's 2008 sculpture show on the roof and becoming the eighth most popular show at the Met. On a visitor-per-week basis, the three month-long "Savage Beauty" may well be the best-attended exhibition in the Met's entire history. [ITA]

Banksy Lampoons Phone Hacking: It appears that the famed street artist has chimed in on the News Corp phone-hacking scandal with a new stencil, a photo of which he's put up on his official blog. Not only is it very funny, it's unusual in that it makes use of some kind of weird stick figure unseen in the artist's work before, and also uses the unprecedented touch of presenting the text in typewriter-style font — perhaps a reference to the ink-stained wretches formerly at News of the World? []

James Cuno Starts as Getty Trust CEO: The new CEO of the J. Paul Getty Trust sat down with the Los Angeles Times during his first week on the job to discuss his vision for the museum — a vision that involves lots and lots of acquisitions. In his search for a new museum director, which he hopes to find within a year, Cuno will seek a candidate with "an appetite for risk in acquiring extraordinary works of art." [LA Times]

Kickstarter as the Ultimate Artist Site: It turns out that it's no accident that Kickstarter, the online project-specific fundraiser site, is so artist friendly — it was co-founded by Williamsburg gallerist Perry Chen with that partly in mind. Now the company has even hired an artist named Molly Surno "to function as something like a talent scout, courting and working with artists who might have compelling ideas that could be framed in a Kickstarter-y way." [NYT]

Danny Meyer Joins Sotheby's Board: In a long and terrific profile of the master New York restaurateur, whose Modern and Untitled offer among the best museum dining experiences in the world, Sean Wilsey points out that the Shake Shack founder has hopped on the publicly-owned auction house's board. Speaking of the Modern, Wilsey overstates the facts a bit when he says the restaurant's dining room next to the museum's sculpture garden overlooks "the greatest sculptures of the 20th century." [NYT]

M. Wells to Hook Up With PS1?: When word got out last week that the revered Long Island City restaurant has to prematurely hunt for a new location, rumors spread that a partnership between the fledgling eatery and MoMA PS1 was on the table. Sadly, Sam Sifton reports that PS1 spokesperson Rebecca Taylor said that "there is no deal that I am aware of" but "we are great admirers, and regulars, at M. Wells and would feel very honored if they considered such a move." [Diners Journal]

Was the Giant Marilyn Rahm Emanuel's First Chicago Artwork?: The Wall Street Journal dispatched two of its journalists to cover the giant "Seven Year Itch" statue, and in addition to finding that people hate it — "most people think it's in poor taste, cheesy, and some of them think it reflects poorly on Chicago" — they heard from the president of the real-estate group responsible for putting up the abomination that new mayor Rahm Emanuel helped "speed the permit" for the work. Mayor Daley, meanwhile, gave Chicago "the Bean." [WSJ]

Broads Loan MOCA a Twombly Show: L.A.'s Museum of Contemporary Art will mount a small memorial exhibition of eight Cy Twombly paintings, all loaned by megacollectors Eli and Edythe Broad. The Broad Art Foundation owns 14 works by the artist. According to a museum spokeswoman, most of the paintings being shown at MOCA were hanging in the Broads' home. [LAT]

After Death, M.F. Husain's Art Returns to India: The artist, who died in exile in June, will be honored in an exhibition tracing six decades of his career at Dehli Art Gallery. The 46-painting exhibition is the celebrated painter's first solo show on Indian soil in five years. [Business Standard]

McQueen Show Outstrips Jeff Koons Record at Met, Banksy Finally Weighs in on Phone Hacking Scandal, and More Must-Read Art News -