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Shriver files for divorce - CLICK -

Shriver files for divorce - CLICK -

Shriver files for divorce - CLICK: Shriver files for divorce

July 01, 2011

Shriver files for divorce

(Photo Credit: Reuters)

Maria Shriver is officially moving on.

The estranged wife of former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, just back from a trip to the Special Olympics in Greece, filed for divorce on Friday.

Gossip site TMZ first reported the filing, including the scanned divorce document in their piece.

Shriver – who separated from her husband six weeks after news broke that he had fathered a love child – stated irreconcilable differences as the reason for the divorce. She is seeking joint custody of the couple's sons Patrick and Christopher, both minors.

With no mention of a prenuptial agreement in the filing, the couple's assets will most likely be split 50/50. TMZ pointed out that "according to the docs, the property accumulated during the marriage will be divided at a later date."

Shriver, a prominent member of the Kennedy clan, has been keeping a low profile since she separated from her husband on May 9. While her husband was swarmed with paparazzi in California and then traveled to Austria, Shriver has been spending time with close friends and family, including Oprah Winfrey. She also got a shout-out from U2 frontman Bono at a recent concert.

She is hoping for "an easy and amicable divorce," according to a TMZ source.