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The Show Vision and Vernacular: Eight African-American Artist in Venice was Cancelled, But 4 of these artist are still going to venice to Make work

 Photo Kevin Blythe Sampson

As you all now know the Exhibition, Vision and Vernacular sponsored by Benetton and The American Folk Art Museum has been canceled.

But I am pleased to announce that all four of the self-taught artist that are involved in the project, are still going to Venice. Under the Direction  of Curator Martha Henry, we intend on constructing art work and staging a 1 or 2 day  show.

 Lonnie Holley, Gregory Warmack (a.k.a Mr. Imagination), Charlie Lucas (a.k.a. Tin Man), and Kevin Sampson; all will be present.

I am disappointed about the prospect of not being able to construct the environment that i designed. But We are not deterred and in the spirit of what self-taught art is all about, we intend on using these skills to construct work from things found and purchased around Venice as well as objects that we will hand carry over.

Thanks so much for all of the kind press that we had received during the announcement phase of this exhibition

Kevin Blythe Sampson

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