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AFAM Prestents Vision and Vernacular at Venice Biennale |

AFAM Prestents Vision and Vernacular at Venice Biennale |

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Vision and Vernacular | Blade

13 April 2011, 18.00 | Posted in street art | No comments »

scan 1 540x334 Vision and Vernacular | Blade

This June, the American Folk Art Museum will have its premiere exhibition at the Venice Biennale, Vision and Vernacular, showcasing the work of eight contemporary, self-taught African-American artist—including four old school graffiti legends. The American Folk Art Museum has partnered with Benetton to host this exhibition as one of the official collateral events of the Biennale at the historic Fondaco dei Tedeschi, right next to the Bridge of Sighs, on the Grand Canal.

Graffiti’s old masters Steven Ogburn (a.k.a. Blade), Chris Ellis (a.k.a. Daze), Lin Felton (a.k.a. Quik), and Aaron Goodstone (a.k.a. Sharp) will represent different aspects of the urban vernacular of this art form. Each will execute an original site-specific installation for the Fondaco dei Tedeschi, and their work will hang alongside four master’s of outsider art.

The exhibition opens on June 1 and runs to June 15, 2011.

Today, we highlight Blade through a series of sketches made by the artist for later train murals. We will showcase the work of Daze, Sharp, and Quik as the week goes on.

More of Blade’s sketches after the jump.

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