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Photographer: A.M. Ahad Title: Fatality of Fate Location: Cambodia | A.M. Ahad | Fatality of Fate | Cambodia

This is the place: a salvage company in Cambodia that Nguyen searched for a long time. One day in 2006 he left his homeland of Vietnam, heading to the salvage company to materialize his dream to live with dignity and bring a smile to his family. But the fate he found in the salvage company has not helped to reach his dream because he gets a nominal salary despite inhumanely struggling day and night.

There are many workers like Nguyen who have come to Cambodia, crossing the borders to look for lucrative work. But there are no jobs other than those like the one in the salvage company that Nguyen has, because he is a migrant worker without Cambodian identification. With Cambodian identification, Nguyen could get a lucrative job. However, he and many other migrant workers are fated to work in places like the salvage company. It is estimated that at least 150,000 Vietnamese workers are in Cambodia.