The art of Kevin Blythe Sampson



Kevin;s in a wonderful show at the Intuit Musuem, It is the subject of a news report Chicago on LXTV (WNBC 4 NY) Saturday night, February 12, i

The show that I am in Architecture of Hope -the Treasures of Intuit. Will be televised this Saturday FEb 12.

WNBC Channel 4 IN the New York area
1st Look Chicago on LXTV

Tune in or set those DVRs to record 1st Look Chicago on LXTV Saturday
night, February 12, immediately following Saturday Night Live (SNL). This program is nationally aired on NBC's local markets (that's
channel 5 in Chicago), so for all our fans across the US, here's your
chance to get a glimpse at our current exhibition Architecture of Hope -
the Treasures of Intuit. After it airs, watch the footage again on our
Facebook page!
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