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25 Best Burgers in the US from 'Food & Wine' | A Hamburger Today

25 Best Burgers in the US from 'Food & Wine'


Burgers. Aw yeah.

Earlier this month Food & Wine listed their picks for 25 best burgers in the US. Here's the list in case you don't want to click through the slideshow:

California: In-N-Out | Cheeseburger [AHT review]
New York City: Minetta Tavern | Black Label Burger [AHT review]
Atlanta, GA: Holeman and Finch | Burger [AHT review]
Arlington, VA: Ray's Hell Burger | Basic Beef Burger [AHT review]
Boston, MA: Craigie on Main | Beefburger [AHT review]
San Francisco: Zuni Café | House-ground hamburger [AHT review]
New Haven, CT: Louis' Lunch | The Original Burger [AHT review]
Memphis, TN: Dyer's Burgers | Dyer's Cheeseburger
Chicago, IL: Custom House Tavern | Custom House Burger [AHT review]
Miami, FL: Michael's Genuine Food & Drink | Black Angus Burger
New York City: The Spotted Pig | Spotted Pig Burger [AHT review]
California: Gott's Roadside | Ahi Burger
Decatur, GA: Farm Burger | Farm Burger [AHT review]
Los Angeles: Father's Office The Office Burger [AHT review]
New York City: Little Owl | Bacon Cheeseburger [AHT review]
Washington D.C: Palena Café | Palena Cheeseburger
Meriden, CT: Ted's | Steamed Cheeseburger [AHT review]
Dearborn, MI: Miller's Bar | Miller's Cheeseburger
Healdsburg, CA: Healdsburg Bar & Grill | HBG Burger
Boston, MA: Green Street Grill | Bacon Double Cheeseburger
New York City: Shake Shack | ShackBurger [AHT review]
Buffalo Gap, TX: Perini Ranch Steakhouse | Ranch Burger
Hackensack, NJ: White Manna | Cheeseburger [AHT review]
Chicago, IL: Duchamp | Duchamp Havarti Cheeseburger
New York City: Peter Luger Luger Burger [AHT review]

25 Best Burgers in the US from 'Food & Wine' | A Hamburger Today