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4/23/10 : Articles

New Site Showcases Arte of Adan Hernandez

SAN ANTONIO, TX (June 27, 2005) – Adan Hernandez, creator of over 30 original artworks for the character of Cruzito (Jesse Borrego) in the barrio-cult-classic Blood In... Blood Out has launched a new web site, While the movie wrapped over a decade ago, Hernandez’s star has continued to rise, and now Borrego and Hernandez have teamed up once again to bring arte to the barrios with the debut of the new site. They believe that arte sets the imagination soaring, inspiring the creative mind to excel.

The web site offers a worldwide venue to showcase Hernandez’s Post-Chicano vision, and is an extension of a major cultural movement within the United States. While Hernandez was one of the most highly respected artists on the Chicano Art scene of the 80’s and 90’s, his current work represents an interpretation of the Mexican American experience beyond the Chicano movement. Fusing Neo-Expressionism with Chicano Noir, the aesthetics in his imagery evoke emotions of alienation; uncertainty and loss -- a desperation that dominates the Chicano experience, where most live in the shadows of the American Dream. At the same time, many of the images evoke the genuine life-affirming spirit of Chicano culture. “My art appeals to individuals who have had to face adversity in their lives,” says Hernandez. “It reinforces my belief that in a privileged and pampered society, the oppressed and down trodden are truly capable of great art.”

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